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Warranty Coverage Check

Friday, March 28th, 2008

One of the big pitfalls in importing a newer car into Canada from the U.S. is the warranty coverage. Many manufacturers refuse to honor warranties on cars that have been imported from the USA. Even some of the manufacturers that do honor warranties still apply limitations to their warranty. Every manufacturer has a different policy. And it is recommended that anyone importing a car with a warranty contact the manufacturer to get the latest information on warranty coverage.

Below you will find a list of manufacturers. Run your mouse over a manufacturers name to get their Canadian Warranty centre contact info, and the latest reported warranty status. (more…)

Car dealer launches lawsuit claiming unfair fees on vehicles purchased in the U.S.

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

VANCOUVER – A Vancouver car importer has filed a lawsuit against several major automakers, claiming they artificially inflate prices for Canadians wanting to buy vehicles in the U.S.

Westport Motor Cars Ltd. says manufacturers clearly want to discourage cross-border car shopping by charging “unreasonable fees” for modifications required to make the vehicles comply with Canadian standards.

Westport owner Todd MacDonald said BMW, for example, has added new measures required before its U.S.-sourced cars can be driven in Canada – including changing speedometers to highlight kilometres per hour instead of miles per hour and changing modules to read Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.

He said the time-delaying modifications can cost up to $5,000.

“These measures are a crock,” MacDonald said in an interview. “I’ve finally had enough and that’s why this [lawsuit] is happening.”

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Importing a Mercedes Benz into Canada

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

Importing a Mercedes Benz into Canada can be slightly more costly and difficult than many other brands of vehicles. Many Mercedes Benz vehicles will require some kind of modification, that in some cases can work out to be quite expensive.

If you are thinking of importing a Mercedes Benz into Canada from the U.S.A., in addition to reading our guide on how to import a vehicle from the USA into Canada, there are a few things you should be aware of so that you don’t encounter unexpected costs.

  • Many Models of Mercedes Benz cars are inadmissible and cannot be imported into Canada from the U.S.A. To find out if a Merecedes vehicle is admissible, check Mercedes Benz’s vehicle admissibility chart.
  • Many Mercedes Benz vehicles will require modifications that can only be performed by a Mercedes Benz Dealer.
  • In many cases, finding out what modifications a Mercedes Benz vehicle will need in order to be admissible into Canada will require an inspection by a Mercedes Benz dealer, that will most likely cost extra money.
  • All Mercedes Benz vehicles being imported into Canada require Letter of Admissibility that can be obtained by filling out the online Letter of Admissibility Request form from Mercedes Benz Canada (these typically take 1-2 weeks to receive).
  • Recall letters for Mercedes Benz vehicles can be obtained through Mercedes-Benz USA by calling 1-800-367-6372

Mercedes Benz Canada has an information page and an FAQ regarding importing a Mercedes Benz into Canada, and goes into more detail about specific models and years.

In spite of the extra roadblocks, many Canadian still manage to import Mercedes Benz’s and save money. As always, it is important to be aware of all the costs and effort involved before you purchase the vehicle.

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Vehicle Import Price Calculator

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

This little tool will help you determine the final cost of a vehicle you wish to buy and import after import and registration costs. It will automatically factor in today’s current exchange rate, duties, fees, and taxes.

Information Seminars about Importing Vehicles into Canada

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Canada Border Services Agency has begun holding free seminars in various cities throughout Canada about importing cars into Canada. These seminars are very helpful and informative to anyone thinking about purchasing a vehicle in another country and importing it into Canada.

Typically these seminars will have 5-8 guest speakers from various government agencies, including Canada Border Services agency, Transport Canada, RIV, and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Topics covered include:

  • requirements
  • documentation
  • prohibitions
  • costs
  • regulations of the Canada Border Services Agency, Transport Canada, Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the provincial government

Attendees will be given helpful literature and example paperwork related to importing vehicles into Canada. There is also time given to address specific questions or concerns that you may have about the importation process.

For dates and times of the seminars, or to register for a seminar in your area visit the Information Sessions and Seminars section on the Canadian Border Services agency website.

Car makers put brakes on pricing parity

Sunday, March 16th, 2008

Dealers slash stickers but costs still 20-30% higher than US

“It’s been a few months since the loonie took its wild flight to US dollar parity but it is still hovering at that mark. While Canadians may feel entitled to cash in on the strength of their currency, price adjustments here have been decidedly underwhelming.

The auto industry, in particular, has been slow to give the Canuck buck its due. And when Canadians started pouring across the border in search of cheap wheels, car manufacturers responded aggressively. They instructed stateside dealers to turn away bargain-hungry Canadians and threatened not to honour warrantees on cars purchased in the US. ”

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Canadians import record number of new and used vehicles as loonie soars

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

OTTAWA – A record number of Canadians imported vehicles from the United States this year, said a report released Monday as economists warned that an automotive shopping spree south of the border could drive down selling prices in Canada.

Scotia Economics (TSX:BNS), citing data from the Registrar of Imported Vehicles, said Canadians imported a record 137,000 new and used vehicles from the U.S. through October, after the loonie overtook the slumping greenback.

Scotiabank auto industry specialist Carlos Gomes said Canadians imported 24,873 vehicles in October alone – twice as many as in October 2006 and a 68 per cent jump over the 14,832 vehicles imported this September.

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